raymond lo


This is a formal Training Programme designed for providing complete and thorough training in different aspects of feng shui practices, with the objective to equip students with the necessary professional knowledge to pursue a feng shui profession with good standard of service.

The Training Programme will require students to complete 5 intensive courses covering not only the subject of Feng Shui, but also the subjects of Destiny Analysis and I Ching Divination. The duration of each course will be either two full days, or three full days. Students are recommended to complete the full programme of 5 courses within a period of about one and half year.

An attendance certificate will be issued to students after completion of each course. Upon completion of all 5 courses, the student will be eligible to take a short examination to complete a case study in Feng Shui, destiny analysis and I Ching Divination. Successful candidates will be awarded with the Feng Shui Practitioner Diploma.