raymond lo

The "I Ching" or "Book of change" is a Divination technique base on a series of symbols called Trigrams and Hexagrams. These are symbols made up of straight lines - either continuous or broken, to reflect the concept of Yin and Yang duality in the Universe. The I Ching is basically a tool for asking questions and getting answers.with a question in mind, one can throw 3 coins six times to set up the six lines of a hexagram. Then through interpreting the inter action and relationships among the lines of the hexagram, one is able to find hints leading to an answer to the question.

The system of trigrams and hexagrams, first invented by Fu Si in around 4500 BC, has been used as a powerful forecasting tool by emperors and nobleman and it has enjoyed a very well respected position in Chinese metaphysics. The technique is able to reveal accurate underlying information on a complex situation and is regarded as an indispensable metaphysical tool for forecasting and decision making.

To perform I Ching divination, one need to have a clear and specific question in mind and the question should also be qualified by a range of time. Take for example, one can ask "what is my chance of promotion to department manager within 6 months?"