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 16  Monday May 13, 2013 Killers
In the 6/8/2012 issue of Newsweek, there is an interesting article called &ldquo..
 17  Monday May 13, 2013 The answer lies in the symbol
Feng shui master Raymond Lo talks about the logic and science behind feng shui.A..
 18  Sunday May 12, 2013 2012 year of Dragon Part 1
The Chinese calendar, commonly known as the Farmers’ Calendar, or the Hsia Calendar,..
 19  Sunday May 12, 2013 Feng Shui Make Over - June 2004
This is a reality TV programme on Feng Shui presented by Discovery Channel during Chinese..
 20  Saturday May 11, 2013 2012 year of Dragon Part 2
Regarding the economy, fire element is often the driving force behind the stock market.&nb..
 21  Saturday May 11, 2013 Tradition Meets Modern Life
It may be an ancient skill, but fung shui requires practitioners to be up to dat..
 22  Friday May 10, 2013 The Strange Case of Amanda Knox Compared Against O.J. Simpson
Amanda Knox is an American student convicted of murdering her roommate Meredith..
 23  Friday May 10, 2013 Feng Shui Master Raymond Lo
It is not only Chinese firms that embrace Feng Shui. HSBC, Citibank, and Cable T..
 24  Thursday May 09, 2013 Revolution and earthquakes in first two months of Rabbit year
As predicted, the beginning months of the year of Rabbit have been very turbulent. The maj..
 25  Thursday May 09, 2013 Destiny with Raymond Lo
Feng Shui Predictions for the Year of the Rabbit 2011 Raymond Lo has been on nu..
 26  Wednesday May 08, 2013 The Year of the Rabbit
The Chinese calendar, commonly known as the Farmers’ Calendar, or the Hsia..
 27  Tuesday May 07, 2013 Amazing I Ching - The Australian Election
I was teaching I Ching Divination class at Perth on 12/8. Of course the hot topi..
 28  Monday May 06, 2013 The Psychic Octopus - Spain Vs Holland
We should be doing better than the psychic octopus, he can only..
 29  Sunday May 05, 2013 I Ching and the World Cup
I am not a soccer fan and seldom watch football. But I find using I Ching to predict footb..
 30  Saturday May 04, 2013 I Ching and 2012
Recently there are a lot of public concern about the doomsday theory on the da..