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Released: March 05, 2020

At the end of 2019 and beginning of 2020, the Coronavirus broke out in Wuhan in the Hubei province, and it quickly spread to other parts of the world.  At the time of writing this article in Feb. 2020, the virus got serious impact in Japan, South Korea and becomes a global problem as outbreaks are also found in Iran, Italy ……etc.

The year 2020 is year of Metal Rat.  In Chinese medicine, Metal is symbol of breathing organs – the lung.  IN 2020, it is Metal on top of water, this combination of elements showed Metal is quite weak, as water underneath the metal is exhausting the strength of Metal.  Also there is total absence of earth and fire element.  There is no earth to support metal, and there is no fire to keep the metal warm.  There is common Chinese saying that “Metal needs fire to melt it into useful tools”.  So metal without fire is cold, unhealthy metal.   Therefore, the Metal water combination and the missing of earth and fire element in 2020 already gives the message that Metal is unhealthy in 2020 – in terms of Chinese medicine, it exactly means sickness of lung and breathing organ. 

The events that happened so far in 2020 clearly supports this theory. The Yang metal element of 2020 represents a sword, a weapon and war. And the word “Rat” in Chinese means a son.  So Metal Rat year bears the meaning of “Warrior”.    The virus first broke out in the city of Wuhan, the Chinese name of the city bears the meaning of “Man of war”  as Wu is “Weapon” or “Fighting” and “Han” is “Man”. 

The Rat is the most powerful water element out of the 12 animals.  In Chinese metaphysics, the 5 elements can also be classified into 5 emotions, or 5 moods of people.  In the classic of Chinese Medicine – “The Yellow Emperor’s book of internal medicine”,  metal is symbol of sadness, wood is symbol of temper, fire is happiness, water is fear, earth is meditation… The most obvious is the contrast between fire and water elements.   Fire is happiness and it is symbolized by red color.  Hence Chinese always use red color for celebrations and happy events.  However, the opposite is water which brings fear.  The color of water is black, and black color is often associate with fearful things – like criminals are called “Black society”, pirates use black flag….etc.  So it is obvious the year of Rat brings mass fear which is exactly what is prevailing in the beginning of 2020, everybody is afraid of catching the virus.  Everyone is wearing protective masks, and people in Asia is afraid to travel, afraid to go out, afraid to contact people, and there is big rush to buy food, rice, toilet paper and there are  even armed robbery  to rob toilet papers in Hong Kong……

 The virus seems associate with water.  They are more wide spread in cold weather and they die under higher temperature. Also serious outbreaks happened to be at sea on board cruise ships.  The biggest disaster is the cruise ship Diamond Princess which was detained in Yokohama and over 700 passengers out of 3400 were found infested with the virus.  It looks like the powerful water element of the Rat is casting bad spell on people, in particular those who needs fire element and do not like water element. 

The following is the known three pillars of a medical doctor  Li Wen Liang in Wuhan who is the first doctor to reveal coronavirus to the public and he himself passed away on 6th Feb. 2020:

His birth data shows he is yin earth person born in October,  hence his yin earth is weak and needs fire support.  However, he was at the age of 34 in the luck pillar of Yin Metal ox which will combine away his good yang fire in his year pillar.  Also the current year 2020 is powerful metal water totally destroyed his fire element.  Hence he passed away on 6/2.   This example clearly shows coronavirus sickness could be caused by weakness of fire element which is the main problem in this metal Rat year.  To improve fire elements in our body, the main nutritional supplement is COQ10.   Also if this theory is correct, then we may expect situation will improve when fire seasons return in summer.  The fire months are May and June which is metal snake month and water horse month.  It is hopeful when such fire elements come back in the month, less people will get infected with coronavirus sickness. 

Let us also examine the Four Pillars of another person closely associate with this global disease. He is Mr. Tedros Adhanom – The secretary of WHO – World Health Organization.  Mr. Adhanom was born on 3rd March, 1965:

His day master is yang fire and he was born in spring wood season, he has plenty of wood and fire supporting his day master.  Hence he is strong yang fire person, this means he is like the sun, having very warm heart and pleasant character.  Currently he is at the age of 55, under influence of his luck pillar of water and metal, which is positive luck.   As he is strong fire, he does not like wood element, hence the c month of tiger wood in February 2020 is giving him hard time.  The next month March is still wood rabbit, which continue to be challenging.  However, April will bring his favorable elements earth and metal, and he will be back in good luck.  This seems matching with the above theory that the virus will be less harmful when we approach summer months of May and June.  

Besides Four pillars, we can also examine the coronavirus with flying stars feng shui, which is also quite accurate in reflecting this disaster broke out in Wuhan.  

The current year 2020 have star 7 in center, So the bad year star 5 is present in the East,  So the outbreak in Wuhan is actually the East side of China.  The more serious spots of outbreak is Yokohama of Japan and Daegu of South Korea, both are in the East of Japan and East of Korea, it so happened that Yokohama and Daegu are both on 35 degree Latitude, the two cities almost on same straight line to the East of China.  

We also examine the star of sickness -no. 2.  In 2020 star 2 is present in the South, In China, the Forbidden City, Tiananmen is facing  South, with main entrance in exact South, getting this sick energy.  Also in Seoul, the Gwanghwamun is also facing South with main door in South.  Both receiving sick energy 2 in 2020.

Let us trace the visiting  Flying stars in first few months of 2020.
The pairs of stars – Left is year star, right is month star
2020  4/2 – 5/3       East  5,6          South  2,3
2020 5/3 – 4/4        East 5,5           South 2,2
2020 4/4 -5/5          East 5,4           South 2.1
5 – Misfortune,  2 -sickness,  6 – Metal, related to breathing organ

It seems most serious is still to come from 5/3 to 4/4, and hopefully it will start to fade away after 4/4 Ching Ming Festival. 

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