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Amazing I Ching - The Australian Election

Released: May 07, 2013

I was teaching I Ching Divination class at Perth on 12/8. Of course the hot topic at that time was the Australian election going to be held on 21/8. It was a contest between the current Labor party Prime Minister Julie Gillard, and the opposition Liberal party candidate Tony Abbott. So natural I use this as example to explain how the Wen Wang I Ching works.

I asked the simple question – Who is going to win in the coming election? Julie or Tony?

I tossed the three coins six times, to my surprise the outcome is Mountain over Mountain, it is a total clash hexagram. It means every line of the hexagram is in clash, and total clash could mean a severe conflict or competition, and it can also mean the question is wrong. What is going to happen is not as what we expected.

I do not know anything about Australian politics, and the total clash situation puzzled me, so I tossed the three coins a second time in class. This time the hexagram is wind over wind, is again total clash.

Date – 12/8/2010 Day - Wood Horse (Fire) Month - Wood Monkey (Metal)

Question – Julie win or Tony win in the Australian election?

Subject – Julie Gillard Object – Tony Abbot

Out come – Wind over Wind, with active lines on 4th line and 6 line

M Goat (earth ) C Rabbit (wood )
  O   Subject ( Julie)
I Snake ( fire )
R Pig (water) M Goat (earth )
P Rooster (metal)
  /   Object ( Tony)
R Pig (water )
M Ox (earth)

I = Intelligence, M = Money, P = Power, R=resources, C= Colleague

Analysis – Subject line Julie is wood, which is on top, meaning she is still Prime minister, but wood is weak in fire day and metal month. So she is not in favorable condition. Object line is Tony, he is metal in fire day and metal month. So is weak in short term but stronger in long time.

Two active lines on the side of Upper hexagram. Subject line is active change into earth money, but this money goes to support the metal object line, this means Julie lose support because of economic policy. 4th line is active earth, which is money coming to support Object line metal. So Tony gets strength because of economic policy.

The resultant element is water which goes to support the subject line, but even with such support the subject line is still weak.

So the hexagram shows Tony is stronger than Julie, but the puzzling aspect is total clash, I cannot rule out the possibility that something unexpected could occur – such as- none of the two will win. So I asked the Australian students – could it be possible there is a 3rd competitor, and because of this, the winner is neither Julie nor Tony, and the students said yes, there is a 3rd competitor the Green party, but this is very much in the minority. So my conclusion is, I believe something unexpected may happen that both Julie and Tony cannot win the election.

On 13/8 evening, I have a consultation with an Australian business man, he is Owner of mining company and he is also very concern about the election and want to know what will be the outcome. So I told him to toss the coins. And he also got a total clash hexagram. So I asked him is it possible that neither Julie nor Tony can win? He said yes, it could mean a Hung Parliament with neither party got the majority seats in Parliament. This is first time I learn about the term “Hung Parliament”.

And on 21/8, the outcome of the election is 71 seats Labor (Julie Gillard ), 72 seats Liberal ( Tony Abbot ) and it is a Hung Parliament. One party needs 76 seats to form a government. So neither Julie nor Tony won in the election.

On 20/8 I got a message from an Australian student Lea, she posted on community forum that she also did an I Ching and she got Total clash hexagram as well.

The I Ching continue to amaze me with its profound logic and accuracy. We did it 4 times and it consistently show the same outcome.