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The Psychic Octopus - Spain Vs Holland

Released: May 06, 2013

We should be doing better than the psychic octopus, he can only tell who is going to win, but cannot tell how. Here is a interesting I Ching exercise I did to predict the outcome of the World Cup Finale, Spain defeating Holland.

Date – 9th July Metal Monkey (Metal )
Month – Water goat (Earth )
Family – Thunder ( wood )
Subject – Spain 
Object - Holland

M Dog M Dog



P Monkey PMonkey





Object (Holland)

P Rooster C Rabbit



R Pig I Snake



M Goat


Object (Spain)

There are 4 active lines, two on each side, means both sides are working very hard, but all these active lines are Fu Yin ( duplicate ) – Going round in circles, and Fan Yin ( counter duplicate ) – self defeating.

So all the hard work did not make a score. And the Hexagram is total combine, it means a draw, 0 to 0 during the match.

The only deciding factor is the Subject and Object line, Subject line is Spain, it is Earth Goat, did not get support from metal day, but is identical to the month of goat, so they have long term good luck.

The Object line Holland is Horse fire, no support from date of metal, and no support from month of earth. So they do not have good luck both short term and long term.

This is the signal showing Spain is the long term winner, so they beat Holland with one score at the extended time, after a 0 to 0 draw.

The bad luck of Holland is already shown in my previous exercise, Japan vs Holland, in that I Ching it already showed Holland did not have long term luck and cannot win the World Cup.

Image courtesy of Wikipedia.org