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I Ching and the World Cup

Released: May 05, 2013

I am not a soccer fan and seldom watch football. But I find using I Ching to predict football match result is a interesting exercise and so I often do such exercises with students when I teach I Ching class and I also encourage my students to use World Cup as chance to practice their I Ching skill.

On 18th June, I was teaching a I Ching class in Tokyo and at the same time I launched my book I Ching Divination in Japanese. As there is a World Cup match between Japan and The Netherlands on the next day 19th June, I did a I Ching in the class on the Subject.

The question is simple – Who will win in the World Cup match Japan vs. Netherlands

This is a I Ching to compare the luck and strength of the two teams, so Subject represents one team and Object represents the other team. Before tossing the coins, it is important to decide which team is Subject. I do not know anything about the players and their strength, but as I am doing this exercise in front of Japanese students, I use Japan as Subject, so Netherlands is Object.

Date – Yin earth Pig ( water )     Month – Yang water Horse ( Fire )

Family – Earth


C Dog ( Earth ) M Rat ( Water )
  X   Worm
C Dog ( Earth )
  /   Raven
R Horse ( Fire ) I Monkey ( Metal)
  X Subject ( Japan )   Dragon
C Dragon ( Earth)
  /   Tortoise
C Ox ( Earth ) P Tiger ( Wood )
  O   Tiger
M Rat (Water )
  / Object ( Netherlands)   Snake


I – intelligence     P- Power     C – colleague     M-money     R-resources

Analysis :

  1. Subject is Japan, is Metal element, which is weak in the date of water , and in month of Fire, so their long term luck and short term luck both are favorable. They are on active Intelligence line (I) this means they have skill, and aggressive, but unfortunately this line changes into Fire which conquers metal, so their offensive action failed, is self defeating. The bad element is R ( resources) it could mean their strategy is wrong.
2. Object is the Netherlands, it is quiet line and is Water element, this water is weak in the month of Fire, but it has the support of water on the day. When we look at soccer match, it is more important to have good luck on the day than in the month. Winning or losing a match is very much affected by the short term luck of the day. The long term luck reflect the over all strength of the team, but even the team is good , one day of bad luck will still make them lose the match. This is a very important point which I gained from experience of many such I Ching exercise before. Therefore the Netherland team has good luck on the day of match, this is already strong indication they have better chance to win.
3. In the Lower trigram, there is also an active line of Tiger ( Power ). This active line is in clash against the Subject line Japan, so it is also an offensive attacking the Japan team. And this offensive is strong because the day of Pig is combining and supporting the Tiger. So this attack is strong. However, it changes into Ox which is C ( colleagues ) which can support the Tiger. This means the attack is strong but some of their Team mate also make mistakes and so they cannot get full benefit from their offensive actions.
4. The 6th line is also active Rat changing into Dog ( Colleagues ) and the Dog conquers back against the Rat. The Rat is identical the Object, so this Rat can be interpreted as the Netherland team. It is conquered by Colleague, also means teammates not playing very well, some team mates made mistakes.
5. However, the overall position shows the Japanese has skill but no luck on that day, the Netherlands have better luck even they made some mistakes. So is easy to conclude, Japan fights hard but no luck, so they will lose.


This match also inspired me to look at the Four Pillars of the key players, as expected, it shows Wesley Sneijder is in good luck and the Japan goal keeper Eiji Kawashima is not in good luck on the date of the match:

Wesley Sneijder 9/6/1984 Day Month Year
    Fire Wood Water
    Earth Wood Water



He is a weak wood person, currently 26 years in the luck of water and metal, this is favorable luck as water supports wood. The day of match on 19th June is day of Metal Rat, the strong water of the Rat gave powerful support to wood. So he was supported by good luck on that day.

Eiji Kawashima 20/3/1983 Day Month Year
    Wood Metal Wood
    Earth Fire Water



He is strong fire person as he was born in month of very strong wood in spring. So his favorable elements are earth and metal , bad elements are wood and fire. As his problem is too much wood, so water is also unfavorable because water will make wood too strong. He is currently 27 years old in the luck of water which is not so good luck, also the day he missed the ball is 19th June, which is a day of Rat, more strong water. So it is obvious he had no luck on the day of match between Japan and the Netherlands.