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The Feng Shui of Swine Flu

Released: May 02, 2013


  For students of flying star feng shui the Swine Flu now raging in Mexico and USA and some European countries is an interesting case for study. As I mentioned in my forecast article about the year of the Ox, this year the star 9 dominates the centre, so the star of sickness 2 is in the west. So sickness will affect western side of a house, a city, a country or even the western side of the world.

In the month of April ( 5th April to 5th May ) the monthly flying star 3 goes in the centre then 5 arrives in the west, making the worst pair of stars 2 and 5 together in the West. This means the current month is the most dangerous time for disasters occurring in the West.

Now we look at the map, if you call Asia, Hong Kong as Far East, then Mexico is the Far West of the world, and Mexico city is on the western side of Mexico. So it is not surprising the outbreak started in Mexico and spreading fast to USA and Europe, countries in western Europe such as Spain and Austria are affected at the time of writing this article.

Then why Swine flu. We shall not forget we are in Age of 8 and the Age flying star chart is always having a influence behind the scene. If we look at the Age of 8 Flying star chart, the star 1 is in the west, forming the configuration of 1, 2, 5. Star number 1 is the Water trigram which symbolize the Pig. Even the technical name for Swine Flu is H1N1, amazing coincide with the number 1 star meaning the pig.

Another amazing coincidence is that the Chinese name for Mexico means Black Ink, West, Brother.

Black is water, located in the West.


The following is the flying star chart of April 2009: 

We can also see some hints from the Chinese calendar. This year is Earth Ox year, and April is yang earth Dragon month, all these are earth elements, especially April is Mountain, Fai Kong earth. In Four Pillars of Destiny, we have this saying “too heavy earth will bury the metal”, so too much earth is having negative effect on metal element which is symbol of lung and breathing organ. Another famous saying “Metal needs fire to melt it into useful tools” So the total absence of Fire element is also bad for metal. This is one reason why we have not only breathing organ problem, but also bad luck in the Banking and automobile business which are metal industries.

Are the above the feng shui reasons behind the Swine flu? If this is correct, it seems the worst scare is now April. Let us wait and see what happens after the month expires on 5th May, and hope the situation will be under control very soon.

In the meantime, is still not late to place a metal wind chime and a string of 6 metal coins in the western side of every home.