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The Feng Shui Of Tsunami Disaster

Released: April 27, 2013


I have received a lot of enquiry after the big Tsunami disaster in South Asia on 26th December 2004. Many students and feng shui enthusiasts are asking what feng shui factors have contributed to such disaster. So I feel it is necessary to make a brief explanation.

For a catastrophe of such magnitude, it is not difficult to see hints from the Four Pillars of that moment of time. This point I have demonstrated in the previous articles about the 911 tragedy and the Titanic tragedy. Now let us look at the moment when the earthquake occurred in Sumatra, Indonesia, the time is between 8 to 9 am on 26th December 2004.

( Dragon )
( Rabbit)
( Rat )
( Monkey )

26th December is an earth day in the winter month of powerful water. And on this day the earth sits on the Rabbit wood which is conquering the earth and make it unstable. This year 2004 is year of wood metal and both elements are exhausting the earth. And this month December has fire shows up on top but this fire sits on water has no power. Further more, 26th December is already well passed the mid month. So the Fire in the Heavenly stem of the month has very minor effect. Hence that day shows the earth is very weak and unstable and this reflected the chance of earthquake. The Rabbit day is in penalty with the Rat month. This may have triggered hidden danger underneath the earth.

The earthquake occurred in the hour of the Dragon between 8 to 9 am. The Dragon is earth element but the Dragon is also considered as the storage of water. This Dragon, combines with the metal Monkey in the year, and the Rat water in the month, is a powerful combination of water. Hence it is not only earthquake but powerful water is present resulting in big water disaster. The three combine, Monkey, Rat, and Dragon is the strongest water combination in the system of Earthly Branches, with Monkey representing the birth place of water, Rat being the most prosperous position of water, and Dragon symbolises the storage of water. Such combinations are often associated with big water disasters such as the day of the Titanic tragedy. Readers can refer to my previous article on this Tragedy occurred on 14th April, 1912. It was a Rat year, Dragon month, Monkey day and Rat hour..

In respect of Flying stars feng shui, there are several factors we can examine. Firstly, this is year of the Monkey, the Three Shars position is in the South ( SE3, S2 and SW1 ) and these are mostly the South Asian areas attacked by earthquake and Tsunami. In the Month of the Rat – December, the Three Shars is also in the South. The following is the Flying star chart of the day 26th December, 2004. The stars in the centre are year star 5, month star 1, day star 7.

4 9 6
9 5 2
2 7 4
3 8 5
5 1 7
7 3 9
  8 4 1 1 6 3 6 2 8  

It is obvious that the pair of bad stars 2 and 5 concentrated in the south on 26th December, and as they are earth elements, the magnitude of their bad influence is intensified by the presence of fire star 9. Also in the centre there is 5 and 1, 5 is misfortune, 1 is water, we can also interpret it as potential water disaster in this month.

From Feb. 2004 we have just stepped into “Age of 8” and we cannot ignore there is also influence of the “Age of 8” chart at play behind the about year, month and day stars. The “Age of 8” flying star chart shows number 3, the star representing thunder and earthquake is also present in the South. As such this is more or less one of the factors contributing to this event.