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The I Ching of Boston Bombing

Released: May 23, 2013
By: Rave7 Support

On 17th April, just 2 days after the horrible Boston Marathon bomb attack on 15 th, I was having I Ching

class in Dubai and teaching the section about labeling the hexagram with Six Animals. As an exercise
I asked the question – Who is responsible for bomb attack on Boston? This was asked in front of the
class of about 12 students at Dubai time about 4 pm., well before the FBI press conference revealed the
photos of the 2 suspects.
The Hexagram came out is Mountain over Thunder with 2nd line active.
Day – Water Ox        Month – Fire Dragon

        C  Tiger     /                           Tiger                                   C = Colleagues

         R   Rat      //                          Snake                                  R =  Resources

         M  Dog     //     Subject          Worm                                   M = Money

                                                                                                P = Power

         M Dragon //                           Bird                                      I = Intelligence  

C  Rabbit C Tiger  X                        Dragon

               R  Rat    /                        Tortoise

Subject line is Boston, under clash from month of Dragon, so it is the city under attack.  The active line is Tiger change into Rabbit, this is wood element in advance to attack the Subject earth Dog.  So obviously this active line of wood represents the attacker responsible for the bombing.

What can we say about the attackers represented by Tiger and Rabbit?   Tiger and Rabbit are labeled as C ( Colleagues ), so it can mean 2 friends, or 2 brothers.  They are on the Hexagram Thunder, which is the eldest son, this means they are male.   As the active lines are Tiger and Rabbit, it is likely that the attackers are born in year of Tiger or Rabbit.    Colleagues element also indicates the attack is from fellow Americans, so they are USA citizen, not foreign attack.   This second line is labelled Dragon in the system of 6 animals,  Dragon refers to a person of principle, so in this I Ching, it refers to person of strong ideology and principle.

The subsequent events between 18th and 19th April shows this I Ching is amazingly accurate. On 17th evening, the FBI press conference released the photos of the two suspects, two young men with back packs. Then on 18th and 19th April, the Boston police shot dead the first suspect elder brother Tamerlan Tsarnaev and not long after they also captured the younger suspect  Dzhokhar.

The Amazing aspect is that the elder one is 26 year old born in 1986, year of Tiger, and the 2 attackers are brothers, and the elder one is said to be devoted muslim, a man of ideology.  All these are accurately revealed in this I Ching.

Tamerlan, the elder brother is born on 21.10. 1986.  The Four Pillars are as below:

Hour       Day      Month      Year

               戊         戊           丙

               Earth      Earth         Fire

                                    戌          戌           寅

                                 Earth      Earth       Wood

      36          26             16            6

     壬            辛            庚           己

 Water      Metal      Metal    Earth

  寅             丑            子          亥

Wood      Earth        Water    Water

This man born on Earth Dog month an Earth Dog day is a double “Fai Kong”, people born on such days possess very tough personality with strong will and determination and hard to surrender.  In his year pillar is strong fire sitting on Tiger wood, this powerful fire is unconventional resources element, making him a person of strong principle and ideology, in other words, can be extremist . Particularly he is strong earth  person, needs outlets of metal and water. So this fire is unfavorable, can lead him to wrong ideas.

He was in good luck in last 10 years of metal and water, however, at age 26, he is changing into new luck of yin metal and Ox.   Ox is unfavorable earth, can create earth penalty with the Dogs.  The Yin metal is ok, but unfortunately it combines with the yang fire and get neutralized. So it is not helpful either.  This year 2013 the snake year is unfavorable element and creates fire penalty with his Tiger year, and April is Dragon month in clash against his double dog….

So he is the active Tiger shown in the I Ching, one can imagine this is the leader of the two and is mainly responsible for the bomb attack.

The 19 year old brother Dzhokhar is born on 22/7/1993

Hour      Day    Month     Year

               甲        己          癸

            Wood   Earth    Water

                辰        未         酉

           Earth      Earth     Metal

35             25             15             5

乙             丙               丁            戊

Wood      Fire          Fire         Earth

卯              辰              巳            午

Wood     Earth          Fire         Fire

He is weak yang wood, symbolizing a tree, stubborn and sticking to principles.  His favorable element is water and wood, but he is into bad luck of fire snake, this is rebellious aggressive intelligence element, and people like him is easy to offend the law.  The year 2013 is Snake year duplicates with his Snake luck, as it is bad luck, it usually means 2013 is his worst year in this luck pillar.

I believe in the above I Ching, he is symbolized by the Rabbit, which is a Void element in the day of yin water ox when we perform the I Ching, and This Rabbit actually combines with the Dog, city of Boston.  So perhaps he is just a follower and the attack is mainly initiated from the Tiger.  And he is finally captured on 19/4 – day of Rabbit.  So in I ching terms – this is the Rabbit returns home to get caught. As in Day of Rabbit, the Rabbit is not “void” anymore.  

Regarding the “Void” element, on 17th April, yin water ox day when we perform the I Ching, both Tiger and Rabbit are “void”, which usually means they have no power in the Hexagram, however, as Tiger and Rabbit are active and in advancement, they are no longer “void” and can carry out the attack.   Anyhow the Question is simply – Who is responsible for bomb attack?  So the I Ching simply answer clearly – there are two brothers, born in year of Tiger, and they are male American citizens, the attack is of ideological motive.

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