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Feng Shui Make Over - June 2004

Released: May 12, 2013

This is a reality TV programme on Feng Shui presented by Discovery Channel during Chinese New Year in Feb. 2004. The programme shows how Raymond Lo gave feng shui evaluation and recommendations to Ms. Debra Teng - an artist and TV personality in Singapore.

Ms. Teng has followed almost all the advices and she observed obvious improvement in her career. The following message was received from Debra in June 2004.


Dear Raymond,

Hello! How are you? Hope you are well...

Did you like how the show turned out? Just writing to keep in touch and thought you might like to know of the developments after the show....

In Feb I finally asked my housemate, Maryanne to move her bed away from the window...(as you might remember that she was sleeping on my money!). To cut the long story short, I gave her notice. And since then, I have moved the bed to the desired position, have new housemates, and things have really taken off for me! I have been working non-stop since April... working in KL for 1.5 months, then back in Singapore for a TV series, now I am on to another TV series.

Thank you once again for everything. Take care!


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