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Destiny with Raymond Lo

Released: May 09, 2013

Feng Shui Predictions for the Year of the Rabbit 2011

Raymond Lo has been on numerous TV shows and supplies many newspapers and blogs with his accurate Feng Shui forecasts. He finds time in between his busy schedule to talk to Vivienne Tang about destiny, environmental events and what's in store for us for the second half of this year.

How did you get into Feng Shui, and how did you gain trust in it?

I have deep faith in it, based on my experiences, because in the beginning I was much more skeptical than most people I encounter. If I don’t see results, then I won’t believe in it. I started out of curiosity. I was interested in things that can’t be explained. I also started reading about western astrology, but when I explored this Chinese metaphysical subject deeper, I realized that it works. I started when I graduated from University.

How does a Feng Shui reading take place? You base the entire reading on someone’s date of birth?

Chinese metaphysics is a very big subject. In general, when you talk about Feng Shui, you talk about your house. It talks about the energies in the environment and how they affect your fortune. So when we do a Feng Shui reading, we also have to look at the fortune of the person. The purpose, the objective, is actually to improve the life of the person living in the house. So that’s why we also look at the fortune represented by their date of birth. Based on your date of birth, we can see what kind of composition of elements you have. That’s why it’s a very effective tool for us to understand what the future directions are for this person, what kind of career prospects there are. What’s also very interesting is that we can see the person’s health status. We can see it at birth. We can see their future. So many people come every year for an update, but normally we can already tell general things once we have the person’s date of birth.

To which extent do you think one can influence their destiny? Do you think everyone’s future is already set?

No, in metaphysical means your destiny is reflected in your date of birth. And based on your date of birth we can see what kind of personality, background, health conditions and marriage you have…money, career, direction, your ups and downs in life, that kind of thing. But it doesn’t mean that everything is fixed. There are many people who are born in the same moment of time, but they don’t come out exactly the same. Why? Because you still have free will to make choices and decisions in life. That is the positive thing about knowing your destiny. You understand who you are, what kind of potential you have and what kind of luck is coming. Therefore, you can manage it better. So if you manage it well, you will have a higher standard of success. But if you don’t manage it, if you let destiny control it, you may have accidents and disasters. You may lose your money while gambling. You can influence it by managing it better.

You’ve predicted many political, economic and social events in the past. Do you have any predictions for the near future?

I’ve been writing articles for the last 15 years, and I do a prediction every year. And from time to time I also update my forecast. At the beginning of the year I said that this year is not a peaceful year. It’s a turbulent one, and there will be serious damage to the environment. I also predicted earthquakes, and that happened.

The worst month was, hopefully, March. That was the big disastrous month with earthquakes and natural disasters. It’s a Double Rabbit. There will definitely be more earthquakes, but it could be that the worst one was in March. Therefore, the economy will slow down for the second half of the year. I think Japan will recover but they need their Prime Minister to go away. The Prime Minister is actually in very bad luck. Even in his luck it shows the clash of earth. That could mean the earthquake, because it shows up in his date of birth. So if he’s still leading the country, he won’t do any good. And the Emperor of Japan, he’s a Rooster. He’s under clash this year, because Rabbit and Rooster is under clash. Particularly March was the most serious clash with the Emperor of Japan, but fortunately he’s not in bad luck. That’s why in the long-term we still have faith in Japan because of the Emperor. But the Prime Minister has to go away.

This year is a "Conflict Year." There will be continuous conflict. I’ve also mentioned on my website, that it’s not so easy to take away Gaddafi, because he is getting support this year. It’s not too bad of a year for him. He’s got friends to support him, but his long-term luck isn’t good, so he has to go away. But it’s not easy to remove him. There is also the possibility of more terrorist activities this year, because Bin Laden is under clash. There could be some activity on his side.

When you predict global events, which dates do you work with?

For global events, we look at the calendar. It shows the elements. This is the year of the Rabbit but actually it means Metal and Wood elements. This pair of elements comes up every 60 years. Therefore, we can refer back to what happened 60 years ago. And it could repeat. For example, 9/11 happened in 2001, and 60 years ago in 1941 was the Pearl Harbor attack.

And when we look at a particular country, we look at the country’s Feng Shui. I look at the country’s geographical position. The most important thing is the capital city. And I also look at the leader. We have to look at Obama’s date of birth if we want to look at the US. In terms of Feng Shui, they’re not as strong as before. In terms of Obama, his luck is still ok, but of course it’s not smooth. But his luck is better than George Bush’s. Similar to Gaddafi, when George Bush came into power, his power was already challenged because of his luck. He brought a lot of turbulence to the US. It’s the same as what happened to Gaddaffi now.

Are you ever wrong?

Of course, we’re human beings. We’ll make logical judgments. We’ll do the best we can, based on our knowledge, but we’re seldom wrong. So far more than 90% is accurate. And I don’t remember any serious mistakes.

You’ve also founded the Raymond Lo School of Feng Shui and Destiny where you offer teacher trainings and individual Feng Shui classes. Is it based in Hong Kong?

It’s all over the world. I teach classes in many different parts of the world. In each country I have an organizer, and they will organize rooms for these seminars and courses.

You do courses on the Four Pillars. What are the Four Pillars?

The Four Pillars are actually your date of birth - year, month, date and time of birth. That is the composition of your destiny.

Can you tell me more about the I Ching?

I Ching is the oracle system, the divination system. This is for people who ask specific questions. We use coins for this. This will give you an answer to a particular question.

Do you also do Face Readings?

Yes, but we use it as a supplementary tool. We combine it with the date of birth analysis, because most details you can see in one’s date of birth. That’s the most reliable thing, as people can change their face with plastic surgery.