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Feng Shui & Destiny for Managers

Business successes attributed to good Feng Shui are legion in the Far East. But what exactly is Feng Shui? Or, for that matter, destiny? How are these techniques employed in business? Can you learn to apply these methods to your own needs and thus gain an important advantage in the business world?

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The answer is a resounding YES! In this book, Raymond unveils the secrets behind the mysterious Chinese arts of Feng Shui, the Four Pillars of Destiny and the I Ching Oracle and offers invaluable step-by-step advice on how you can manage every aspect of your business or managerial career to greater heights of success.

Using famous personalities ranging from Hong Kong billionaire Li Ka-shing and Hollywood superstar Arnold Schwarzenegger to shipping magnate Sir Y.K. Pao and former U.S. President Richard Nixon, he demonstrates convincingly how you can:

  • Choose the business or career most favourable to your destiny to ensure success
  • Pinpoint the best time to invest in any venture
  • Team up with winning business partners
  • Hire and manage employees successfully
  • Forecast prosperity in the stock market
  • Choose and design a prosperous office
  • Analyse business risks and uncertainties with confidence
  • Select auspicious dates for important business occasion