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Raymond Lo is one of the most sought-after professional Feng Shui and Destiny consultants in the world. As of 2013, he is one of only five people alive to earn the title of “Grand Master” from the International Feng Shui Association (IFSA). A native of Hong Kong, Mr. Lo – popularly known as “Fung Shui Lo” – is a graduate of the University of Hong Kong with a degree in Social Sciences. He is now an author, researcher, lecturer, and teacher with decades of practice. He specializes in private consultations for Feng Shui, Four Pillars of Destiny, I Ching Divination, and Auspicious Date Selection. He pioneered the introduction of these topics in the West and is the first-ever Chinese master to share and teach these ancient arts in the English language.

Mr. Lo has written 13 best-selling books, both in English and Chinese, and translated into more than 10 languages including Polish, French, Russian, Greek, Hungarian, Thai, and Japanese.

His annual forecasts and Chinese New Year talks are a hotly anticipated affair and garner extensive media coverage. He has appeared on ABC’s “Good Morning America,” BBC, CNN, Bloomberg, Australian TV’s “Today Show,” and the Discovery Channel’s “Feng Shui Makeover,” CNN’s “Tech Watch,” and Asia’s “Bloomberg.” One of his landmark speaking engagements included an appearance at the World Economic Forum in 1996.

Mr. Lo is most famous for the accuracy of his predictions. He has correctly predicted hundreds of events – from political, economic, and social issues to natural disasters and events in various industry sectors including entertainment and technology. His most acclaimed achievements include predicting the fall of Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev in 1991, the resignations of former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and Russian President Boris Yeltsin, the outbreak of the Gulf wars in 1990 and 2002, the capture of Saddam Hussein in 2003, and the killing of Bin Laden in 2011. He also predicted the crash of the NASDAQ in 2000, the breakup of Hollywood stars Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman in 2001 and with Katie Holmes in 2012, the economic recovery in Hong Kong in 2004, the passing of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs in 2011, and the re-election of President Obama in 2012. Most recently, he correctly predicted the two young men responsible for the Boston Marathon bombing and the 2013 U.S. stock market recovery.

In 1993, he founded the Raymond Lo School of Feng Shui and Destiny. He has taught more than 2,000 students from around the world since then. The school offers first-class training for people pursuing Feng Shui as a professional career. Many of his students have gone on to become successful consultants, teachers, writers, and practitioners.

Previously, he was a lecturer at the S.P.A.C.E. of the University of Hong Kong, as well as a consultant for the Hong Kong Tourist Board, and the Peninsula Hotel’s Peninsula Academy. From 1988 to 1990, Mr. Lo wrote a newspaper column for The Hong Kong Standard. He covered Feng Shui and Chinese Metaphysics, most notably around the Four Pillars of Destiny and the King Wen Oracle System – the first of its kind to be published in English. Mr. Lo’s mission is to share the authentic knowledge of the eastern Chinese Metaphysics tradition to help people create meaningful spaces within their environments, improve personal relationships, promote better health and lifestyle, and increase wealth and success.

A self proclaimed learner, his curiosity and interest on the human experience has led him to explore many subjects related to science, philosophy, movies, and music. His enthusiasm for the pursuit of truth and new discoveries have contributed to his success as a world-renowned expert, consultant, and teacher, and much loved persona with his clients and students from all over the world.

**Mr. Lo’s biography was written courtesy of Jen Nicomedes.

盧恆立 (摘天居士 ) 是香港大學社會科學學士. 為世界著名風水命理大師. 除了為世界各地提供風水命理服務之外, 盧先生亦為著名玄學作家, 演講者, 及致力研究中國玄學知識並主持玄學教育工作. 用 FUNG SHUI LO 筆名於 1989 至1992 年間在香港英文虎報主持風水命理專欄, 為用英語深入介紹中國玄空風水, 四柱八字, 及文王易卦的第一人. 盧先生還在世界各地主辦風水命理專業訓練課程, 學員遍佈全球. 很多畢業的門生都已經成為世界知名風水師. 他的風水命理訓練文憑課程為國際風水學會認可. 盧先生亦在 2008 年榮耯國際風水學會(IFSA) 盼贈 Grand Master 風水大師名銜.

盧先生經常接受外國傳媒訪間, 包括: 1990 年在英國電視廣橎公司 Whicker’s World 節目中介紹風水原理; 1996 年在美國ABC電視廣播公司 Good Morning America, 美國早晨節目中實地示範風水學的應用方法. 2008 年更受邀在北京奧運會Today Show 向美國電視觀眾介紹風水. 亦經常在美國有線電視新聞綱絡 CNN 作流年預測及參予 Global Office, 及 Tech Watch 等節目; 在 2005 年亦曾為 Discovery Channel 的 Feng Shui Makeover 節目作風水實地示範. 每年盧先生亦為新加波博彩機構 Singapore Pool 主持流年預測大會, 為每年盛事, 大受歡迎.

盧先生經常應邀在世界各地重要會議中担任主講嘉賓, 是第一位受邀往瑞士 World Economic Forum 世界經濟論壇發表風水學說的玄學家. 此外, 他撰寫的多本風水, 命理, 易經著作風行各地. 除中, 英文外, 還有翻譯成俄文, 日文, 泰文, 羅馬尼亞文, 波籣文, 匈牙利, 及希腊文等版本. 近期著作有 Feng Shui Essentials (風水大全), Four Pillars of Destiny for Healthy Life (四柱八字保安康 ), I Ching Divination (易占大全) 等. 均成為世界各地熱心研究中國玄學者之必修讀本. 尤其四柱八字保安康結合五行學術與現代尖端營養保健科學, 有寶貴養生參考價值. 而易占大全則是第一本用外語介紹文壬卦占ト學的著作.

盧先生經常在世界各大傳媒發表有関玄學的文章. 他每年在網上發表的流年預測均由世界各國媒體轉載. 內容十分精確. 過去曾經準確預測 1993, 2001兩次海灣戰爭, 侯賽因的落網, 葉理欽1999下台, 小布殊两次當選總統, 近期預測有2008 金融風暴及2009穩定, 奧巴瑪大選勝利, 2008 中國奧運成功, 2010 南北朝鮮冲突及嚴重環境破壞, 澳洲大選無勝負, 西班牙奪世界杯冠軍, 火山爆發等等.

盧恆立曾擔任香港大學專業進修學院風水命理講師. 香港旅遊發展局風水團顧問, 半島酒店風水顧問, 為現任國際風水學會 IFSA 副主席. 致力向世界各地發揚中國風水, 易學文化, 他主持的盧恆立風水命理課程講學中心分佈世界各大城市, 包括香港, 新加波, 東京, 莫斯科, 聖彼德堡, 布加勒斯特, 柏林, 珀斯, 台拉維夫, 伊斯坦布尔等地. 提供各國崇仰中國文化之人仕進修中國玄學寶貴機會. 各國外籍學員數千計.