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Feng Shui , literally means wind and water, is a body of knowledge possessed by the Chinese people about how the environment will affect human well-being. The Chinese believe that there exists in our environment, in the landscapes, mountain and water, different kinds of energies. These are natural forces existing in our surroundings and they will have significant impact on our well being. Some of them are good energies and some may bring misfortunes.

As such, if we place ourselves in a good location to receive all the good energies, our prosperity and health will be enhanced. On the other hand, if we place ourselves under the influence of bad energies, then it will increase our chances of encountering misfortunes. Therefore, it is also called an Art of Placement, as the knowledge will guide us to place objects appropriately in an environment to retrieve the best prosperity.

This time honored technique has been commonly applied amongst Chinese people to achieve prosperity and harmony in their residence and offices. The technique will help one tocreate a healthy, harmonious and prosperous environment. The following are the practical application of this knowledge:

  1. Selecting a prosperous site for building a house
  2. Selecting the best orientation for building a house to achieve maximum prosperity
  3. Selecting the best unit within a house
  4. Interior design for allocation of various functions - such as bedroom, living room, conference room, cash counter, entrances, computer rooms, filing rooms, managers rooms, administration department, marketing department ...etc.
  5. Placement of furniture
  6. Selection of appropriate rooms for different members of the company or the family
  7. Selection of appropriate color and decorative objects for each location
  8. Continuous maintenance to ensure long term prosperity
  9. As a tool for forecasting cyclical changes in prosperity

A full and complete Feng Shui analysis of an apartment or an office involves careful on the spot inspection, measurement of dimensions and directions, and consultation with the occupants regarding their fortunes as reflected by their birth data. It requires detailed study of the physical environment, interior layout as well as fortune analysis of the people living in the environment. As such, it is difficult to provide remote feng shui services without site visit. However, it is not impossible to provide a professional opinion on a house without site inspection, provided that the following information are available:

  1. A detailed sketch of the building showing its main entrances and main objects in its surroundings.
  2. The approximate year of completion of construction of such building.
  3. A floor plan of the apartment or unit within the building, showing the rough directions.
  4. Accurate measurement of the direction of the FRONT of the building, accurate to the nearest degree.