raymond lo

3 Days Programme

Understanding of the Three Period and Three Harmony Lo Pan. The concepts of Dragon, Water, Mountain and Facing. Application of Hexagrams and the nine stars. Landscape fengshui. Introduction to Yin House theories. Advanced Flying Star theories and technique. Classical Theories related to water. Fengshui design for Home and Office. Industrial and commercial feng shui. Field work and case studies.

  1. Introduction - famous masters in history and their essential teachings
  2. In depth understanding of the Lo Pan and classical Feng Shui
  3. San Yuen - 3 period school essential teachings
    • Ring of 64 Hexagrams, Dragon, Mountain, Water, Facing
    • Kua number and Star numbers
    • Drawing the line of Hexagrams to change the image
  4. San Ke - 3 Harmony School essential teachings
    • Origin of Earth Plate, Man's Plate and Heaven Plate, and their applications
    • Yin and Yang of Earth Plate in 3 Harmony School
    • Na Jia - aasigning 24 mountain to trigrams
  5. Man's Plate in depth study
  6. Water methods:
    • San Yuen - 8 Dragon Gate Water method
    • San Ke - Heaven's Plate Double Mountain Water method
    • Yellow Killing Water
    • 8 Shar Yellow Killing
    • 9 Star Water method
    • 5 Ghost Transporting Wealth
  7. In depth study and practical example of all water methods
  8. Flying Stars in depth studies:
    • Castle Gate theory
    • 7 Stars Robbery
    • 30 rules for Yang houses
    • Master Shen's Yin and Yang house examples
  9. Flying Star classical examples
  10. Arranging the Dragon
  11. Great Sun Formula
  12. Practical examples and group discussions

‚ÄčFeng Shui Course 2