raymond lo

2 Days Programme

House of Life and House of Conception. Special stars - Flower of Romance, Nobleman, Horse, academic stars, lonely stars etc. Hidden Heavenly stems in Earthly Branches. Case study. special type of destiny. Advanced study of clash, combine and penalty relationships. Selection of auspicious dates. Face reading.

  1. Introduction - Tzu Ping - balancing the water
  2. In depth understanding of the Chinese Calendar
    • Five Tiger Chasing month
    • Five Rat Chasing hour
  3. Additional Pillars and their application
    • House of conception
    • House of Life
  4. In depth understanding of Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches
    • Hidden Heavenly stems in Earthly Branches
    • 12 cyclical position of elements
    • Clash and combine relationships
    • Penalty relationship
  5. Understanding Yin and Yang aspect of elements
  6. Symbolic Stars
    • Flower of Romance
    • Nobleman
    • Star of Arts
    • 3 Shars
    • Heaven Star of virtue
    • Travelling Horse
    • Academic Star
    • The Yang Edge
    • Month Star of Virtue
    • Lonely Star
  7. Face reading
    • Different Houses of the face
    • Different part of face relates to age
    • Ear, Forehead, Eye Brows, Eyes, Nose, Lips
  8. Introduction to selection of auspicious dates and the use of the Chinese Almanac
  9. Group exercise and discussion. Students are encouraged to bring their own examples for discussion in class.

Four Pillars of Destiny Course 2