raymond lo

2 Days Programme

  1. Introduction - what makes a good Feng Shui Practitioner
  2. Building a complete Feng Shui career
    • scope - consulting, lecturing, writing
    • getting exposure and publicity
    • pricing
  3. Responsibility and ethics
  4. Feng Shui consultation exercise
    • Discussion of problem and experiences
    • Case studies, practical exercise
  5. Destiny consultation exercise
    • Basic attitude in consulting
    • Skill in conveying in information
    • Discussion of problems and experiences
    • Consultation exercises
    • Selection of birthdays for new born baby
    • Making recommendations to client
  6. I Ching consultation practices
  7. Group exercises and presentations

Note - This is an iner-active training course aiming to polish the practical skill of being a good Feng Shui consultant. There will be a lot more exercises, activeparticipation and discussions in the class and much less lecturing compare with other courses in the training programme.

Advanced Practitioners Training‚Äč